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emitter micro festival 2013

EMITTER MICRO FESTIVAL: A reduced festival of sound and more

Emitter Micro 2013 is a 3-day festival of sound art in Berlin. It proposes a selection of international and Berlin-based artists from multiple contemporary sound practices and genres.

It will take place on May 9-11th 2013 in three unique Berlin spaces: Musikinstrumenten-Museum, Ausland and a third venue TBA. Our media partner for the event is Digital in Berlin.

The Emitter Micro Festival 2013 will feature performances by Phill Niblock, Thomas Ankersmit, Kim Cascone, Jochen Arbeit+Hopek Quirin, Rinus Van Alebeek+Barbara Lazara, Seiji Morimoto, Louis Laurain, Schneider TM+Kptmichigan+Mek Obaam, Krapoola and LOUP, as well as talks with Peter Cusack and Udo Noll.

For more information on the schedule and artists, please visit:

yBrid – Live at Heizraum 22.02.13

Classwar Karaoke – 0021 Survey

9-PARAL-LEL: Kotomi Nishiwaki, Yuko Matsuyama, Kris Limbach, Hopek Quirin / 9th result of the double-deaf experiment with bubbles by Kotomi and Yuko and sounds by Kris Limbach and Hopek Quirin

suRRism-Phonoethics – Tune x De-Tune

A new and outstanding release by Hopek Quirin, Tomas Nochteff and Yuko Matsuyama mixed at emitter19
(Yuko Matsuyama, Hopek Quirin, Tomas Nochteff, Kris Limbach) / sPE_0118

suRRism-Phonoethics – Tune x De-Tune (Yuko Matsuyama, Hopek Quirin, Tomas Nochteff, Kris Limbach) / sPE_0118

transmediale vorspiel at emitter 19 – kris limbach

transmediale vorspiel at emitter 19 – kris limbach from emitter19 on Vimeo.

framework:afield produced by kris limbach

listen here

this edition of framework:afield was produced by christoph limbach in germany, featuring recordings made by the producer in the united states during a residency in sonoma county, california, using the radio aporee miniatures for mobiles platform. for more information on the project and artist, see notes from the producer:

Sonics Landscapes is a “remix” of the sonic walks which were created on the Warnecke Ranch in California during the site-specific sound project Sonic Landscape Interventions. Walking through the landscape with a smart phone and headphones the sound-walker listens back to field recordings / radiophonic pieces / interviews that were (re)recorded on site. The sound walker creates a narrative sequence by choosing their own path through the landscape that is tracked and available online at:

Classwar Karaoke – 0020 Survey featuring also tracks by hopek quirin & kris limbach

¡RE-record! A path through sonic landscapes produced for radio residue